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5 Ways to Save Without Feeling Strapped for Cash

We all want to have some savings for a rainy day, but it isn’t always easy to get that cash together. So how do you go about finding the funds to save? Here are a few simple ways to round up the extra cash in your budget so you can build your savings.

Empty your pockets. Spare change adds up over time. Get yourself a piggy bank (or a jar, or a box, etc.) to keep your spare coins in, and before long you’ll have a nice little cash stash set aside.

Start clipping and using coupons. Those 10, 25, and 50 cent coupons can really add up to big savings, especially at the grocery store. Be sure to keep them organized, so you can find them when you need them. It also helps to organize them by expiration date, so you can dispose of any coupons that are expired. Sunday newspapers are a great source for coupons; also websites like The Krazy Coupon Lady and have lots of coupons you can print out.

Head over to your local library. You don’t need to buy books, you can borrow them for free!

Drink water. Sugary drinks are not only costly, they aren’t good for yours health. Sticking with water will help both your physical and financial health.

Pack your lunch. Bringing your lunch to work (or school) from home instead of running out to the local sandwich shop or pizzeria will add up to some decent savings over time.

Each of these items is easy to implement and will save you a nice amount of cash over time. It just takes a few simple steps to begin saving!


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