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5 Apps That Will Help You Manage Your Money

Building a financial strategy can be challenging; there’s so much information to keep track of! As with any project, however, the right tools make the job much easier to do. Luckily, there are many apps out there that simplify the process for you. Here are five popular apps that will help you keep track of your cash:

Mint is probably the best-known money management app out there today. Mint will help you create a budget, manage your bills, keep track of your investments, and much more. It even shows you your current credit score. Free

Prism is a money management app that has many features that are similar to Mint. One advantage Prism has over other financial apps, however, is that it processes payments very quickly, usually on the same day. If you are on a tight schedule with your bill paying, this app might be a good fit for you. Free

Prosper Daily (formerly Billguard) not only helps you track and plan your finances, it also monitors your accounts for fraudulent activities and helps protect your identity. Free

You Need a Budget helps you track your cash; it also offers classes to help you make better choices about your money. There’s a charge for using this app, but it’s reasonable. Free trial available

Spendee is a great app for tracking your spending. If you’re having trouble figuring out where your money goes each month, this app will be a big help in tracking those little daily expenses that add up over time. Free

These are all great tools. Take a bit of time to check each one out; if you find an app that’s a good fit for you, it’ll sure be a big help on your financial journey.




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